• Pristine beaches.....

  • World-famous grass-fed beef

  • National Parks

  • Free as the wind!

  • Plenty of clean water

  • Sea Eagle reintroduced successfully

  • Seal of approval!

  • Organic food increasingly available

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I know you've heard the slogan already, but let me explain exactly WHY we should all try to buy as much local as possible.

You may have heard of this process, for getting gas out of the ground where not previously possible. Believe me, this is NOT a good idea.

Ireland has a green, clean image, and our income is driven by tourism and agriculture, both need a beautiful landscape and clean water, incompatible with fracking.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, to give it its proper name, has drilling platforms on the land, and the drilling is assisted by huge amounts of water, with unknown additional chemicals to lubricate the mechanisms. The pressure of the water fractures the rocks, and the gas (methane) is released, and this is captured. 

During the Spring, Ireland has seen many fires, mainly on upland areas. The reasons why are complex, some may have been accidental, but some deliberately set.

Theories abound, but the main reason I can believe is the case borne out by conservationists who believe the Hen Harrier is to blame.

Farmers who have land where the habitat is suitable for Hen Harriers to live in peace, SPA's (special protected areas) are supposed to get compensation from the government so they don't lose out from not farming this land. Unfortunately, our wonderful agriculture minister decided to redirect these EU compensation payments to other areas. So the farmers have decided to make their land uninhabitable by Hen Harriers, so they can farm their land once again.

Not great, but you can see their side of the argument.

The introduction of water charges has been a thorn in our sides, but why is that?

Its introduction has not been seen as fair, with usage being secondary to the needs of the populous. Many don't use treated water, but have their own supply, usually a well, funded with their own money, and maintained using their own money. Then there are community water schemes, which are also funded by the users. The rest have now been shackled with water metres and charges for the use of clean water. Or is it? With added fluoride, a known carcinogen, and regular outbreaks of "standpipes" and "boil orders", hardly a testiment to a State with loads of rainfall.


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